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About the program 

This is an in house program for the lower income support staff of Biocon to develop basic knowledge in computer. Three internet enabled computers are provided in the campus for two separate batches for male and female staff. Trainers are appointed to teach them basic computer skills, use internet, read newspaper and open an email account and Facebook.

Biocon Staff at Kelsa+ session

The primary objective of this program is to enable the casual and contract labor in the corporate set up access information technology tools, allowing them to learn and use computers and the internet at their own pace and for their own needs.


The male staff are quite confident and they work independently. They have created individual email Ids and Facebook pages.

The computer literacy program for the ladies have now expanded to specific skill development activities based on requests from the beneficiaries. The ladies painted Diwali diyas in their free time and put up stalls in various campuses of Biocon.

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