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The ARY Hub and Spoke Model


To create a complete health ecosystem by extending the reach of our preventive and primary health programs to remote locations where there are no doctors.

The Proposed Hub and Spoke Model:

The Hub:
Full service ARY Clinic providing a doctor, pharmacy, diagnostic center

The Spoke:

  1. Preventive Health Centers staffed by a pharmacist and a trained community health worker
  2. Pay-for services and products that will be provided at the Biocon Foundation Preventive Health Center
  3. Patients / customers to be registered on CMS.
  4. Multi Parameter Vital System to check vitals (4Front Tech). Readings to be sent via phone or internet to the doctor at the hub. Based on these vitals the doctor can ask for diagnostic tests or prescribe medicines.
  5. Point of care diagnostic (iDX) tests to be done by the pharmacist / health worker and results sent through the internet (CMS) to the doctor who will then prescribe medicines (which the patient can buy at the center) OR the doctor might advise the patient to come to the hub or go to the nearest doctor.
  6. Well stocked village pharmacy where essential medicines will be sold at a subsidized rate. These will include OTC as well as basic prescription drugs for treatment of infections and drugs required for management of chronic illnesses (Diabetes, CVD).
  7. The pharmacy will also stock personal and preventive health and hygiene products like soaps, powder, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, condoms
  8. Drinking water in canisters – this will drive footfall to the center since people need clean drinking water.
  9. Preventive health education modules to be printed on flyers and kept in the center for patients to pick up.

The Status:

We have found two places in Chikkballapur District – Poshetahalli and Anakanoor, where we intend to pilot this model.

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