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eLAJ Smart Clinics

We designed eLAJ Smart Clinics to facilitate effective preventive and primary healthcare intervention in the rural areas of India for the benefit of communities with poor access to healthcare. These eLAJ clinics are technology-enabled, smart clinics equipped with multiparameter monitoring device, which enables multiple diagnostic tests and generation of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) of patients. The eLAJ model has been designed to deliver data-based healthcare on the basis of socio-demographic and health indicators obtained from community-based screenings. Through the eLAJ model we are converting Primary Health Clinics (PHCs) into a comprehensive single point treatment centre with systematic documentation of patient data. This innovative health delivery model is facilitating effective preventive and primary healthcare intervention in the rural areas of Karnataka and Rajasthan for the benefit of communities with poor access to quality healthcare.

These clinics are staffed with doctors, technicians and pharmacists who are trained to handle state-of-the- art diagnostic equipment and clinic management software, all connected to a secure server. The introduction of the eLAJ model in PHCs can provide access to affordable healthcare services in remote rural areas.

The diagnostic centre in an eLAJ Smart Clinic can perform up to 50 tests and results are available under an hour. Patient records are digitized and stored on a central secure server. The eLAJ EMR system is mapped to a unique ID to ensure continuum of care. By providing clinical consultation and essential diagnostic services at fair prices to all patients, eLAJ clinics reduce out-of- pocket expenses. Improved diagnostics at the eLAJ clinic also reduce the burden on the tertiary hospitals for treatment and insurance schemes.

The organic workflow pattern starts with baseline indicators and preventive health and culminates in treatment. This enables surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of the health status of the population. Data from individual clinics or from groups of clinics are available to health administrators through live dashboards, which capture patient footfall, vital parameters, disease profiles of communities and disease trends. The dashboard sends disease notifications and alerts to the administrator. This enables forward planning for the implementation of need-based healthcare programs. Moreover, notifications help healthcare providers plan for seasonal disease outbreaks.


Biocon Foundation set up its first eLAJ Smart Clinic in Huskur in Bengaluru in 2015. The pilot at Huskur provided the proof of concept to scale up the model elsewhere. By the end of 2016 the eLAJ Smart Clinic model was installed at eight clinics in Karnataka, run exclusively by Biocon Foundation and completed the adoption of five government PHCs in Rajasthan under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of Rajasthan.

In January 2017, Biocon Foundation and the Government of Karnataka signed a MoU to install the eLAJ Smart Clinic model in 15 government run PHCs in Karnataka. The first of these have been flagged off in February 2017.

Through this PPP, Biocon Foundation aims at strengthening the present public healthcare system in Karnataka by providing solutions around primary & secondary healthcare with effective use of technology. Biocon Foundation is recognized widely for implementing innovative healthcare models to create a sustainable health ecosystem. By joining hands with the government, we aspire to benefit many more villages in Karnataka through the eLAJ model that combines good infrastructure, latest technology and the best available medical expertise. The Foundation currently runs 14 eLAJ clinics covering over 30 gram panchayats across Karnataka and Rajasthan.






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