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Diabetes and Hypertension Community Outreach

Based on data from the baseline survey, our health workers have been trained to follow up with patients to help them manage these chronic illnesses better.

The objectives of this program are as follow:

  1. Increase awareness of the importance of managing these illnesses
  2. Create a database of patients with diabetes and hypertension
  3. SMS reminders for follow up at the ARY Clinic
  4. Understand the triggers for good management and the reasons for poor management of these conditions;
  5. Encourage patients to visit the ARY clinic regularly for proper monitoring and advice from the clinic doctor;

The health worker gives each patient a record and follow up card to record sugar or hypertension levels, medication, dates for refilling, visits to the doctor. Health workers also send reminders to people through SMS's or phone calls/ house visits.

We have also recently developed a complete diabetic care record which shall be piloted at our ARY clinic in Austin Town. We hope that this will encourage patients to keep their sugars in control and prevent end organ damage.

We are also in talks to have monthly Diabetologist Consulatations at our ARY clinics.



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