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Management of Malnutrition


India is the major contributor to the annual global tally of deaths of children under five- nearly 2 million. One of the primary reasons for child mortality is malnutrition. Childhood malnutrition is a major chronic health challenge especially among poorer communities.

About the program

Biocon Foundation and the Government of Bagalkote have a common vision to eradicate child malnutrition in Badami Taluk. The Foundation plans to build a workable model which can be replicated across the state and the country. Our primary focus is:

  • Food security of the under 5 by ensuring a continuous supply chain and community engagement
  • Health check-up for all children below 5 years
  • Evaluation by Paediatrician of all MAM and SAM children
  • Education and awareness program for caretakers, mothers and pregnant women about nutritional status of mother and child
Growth monitoring chart explained by the doctor at Paediatric Camp,

This Management of Malnutrition program spans across 388 anganwadis and reach out to 30,000 young children and infants in Badami Taluk, Bagalkote

Weight is a determinant to understand nutritional
status of a child

Strategy for the program

Community awareness and participatory approach

  • Working with women self-help groups in the community as they are the key influencers of community behaviour
  • Focussed group discussions and workshops for caregivers of malnourished children on proper nutrition, best rearing practices, symptoms of nutritional deficiencies among children
  • Intensive IEC efforts to increase awareness and engage in best practices.
  • Community engagement through Poushtika Pathra- The community contributes fruits and vegetables to the Anganwadi to ensure the children get wholesome nutrition

Focus on the Oscillators

  • Most programs focus¬† on severely malnourished children. But the Foundation reaches out to both severely malnourished as well as the moderately malnourished children
  • Appropriate intervention like parental counselling and treatment are initiated when they enter the MAM category as against intervening only when they enter the SAM category.
  • SAM children who improve and become moderately malnourished are oscillators, that is, any illness or nutritional aberration can push them back to the SAM category. These children have regular follow up with supplements and health check-ups for 6 months to ensure they do not become severely malnourished again.

Improving infrastructure

  • Leverage existing Government infrastructure to obtain optimal and sustainable nutrition
  • Strengthen the convergence between Public Distribution System, Health Department, Women and Child Welfare Department who are involved in Nutrition programs of the children
  • The Foundation has started kitchen gardens in Anganwadis with space in order to provide a continuous supply of micro nutrient rich fruits and vegetables

Capacity building and problem solving

  • Regular representation and follow up consultation by the Foundation representatives, meetings with Anganwadi Supervisors to understand core problem areas and work on the same
  • Sharing best practices with Anganwadi teachers to improve health condition of the malnourished children

Routine health Check-up

  • Monthly health check up by the PHC medical officer of the severely malnourished children is facilitated by the Foundation with transport, follow ups, coordination with Anganwadi supervisors and workers. Further, protein, calcium, iron and multi vitamin supplements are distributed by Biocon Foundation to the children.
  • Systematic annual health check up by a Paediatrician to identify congenital and chronic diseases in the children. Each SAM child is given a well-baby file with complete documentation of the consultation. These files are kept in the respective Anganwadis to maintain continuum of care.




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