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Preventive health
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Preventive Health

We believe the most effective health interventions are measures that aim to increase knowledge of basic health, prevention and early detection of diseases. Such interventions lead to improved overall health of a community.

Biocon Foundation is acutely aware that for a healthcare program to be truly effective it must find ways to reach out to people no matter where they live or how poor they may be. To this end, the Foundation's Arogya Raksha Yojana network of clinics has been actively engaging with local communities in an effort to build networks of peer health educators. These educators are trained in basic best practices in health and hygiene and act as our interface with the community. Through them we are able to spread important health messages in a non-threatening, and thus, more effective manner.

The Foundation employs women from the communities where Arogya Raksha Yojana (ARY) clinics are functioning and trains them to increase health awareness in the communities as well as act as the link between the Foundation and the communities.

In 2009-10, the community health workers engaged in this project began regular outreach work aimed at educating the communities about the importance of availing primary health care facilities. The community health networks created by them have been essential in spreading awareness about the existing ARY Clinics and the facilities offered. Many patients, especially women from the community, expressed that they had never been treated with such respect at any health care centre before. This has undoubtedly led to an increase in self-esteem and confidence in the community which is an important and often neglected sphere of development.

The community health workers are trained in basic issues related to child and maternal health, communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases like Diabetes and Cancer. They are equipped to provide guidance, motivation and information to the village communities where they work. An important part of their role is to recognize when individuals require medical assistance and connect them to the Clinic/ Doctor to receive further care.

The importance of preventive health cannot be overstated or overemphasized. Our program focuses on: 

1. Water borne & hygiene related illnesses: 
   - Typhoid
   - Gastroenteritis
   - Parasitic and Fungal infestations
   - Dengue

2. Chronic illnesses - early detection and prevention; management:
   - Cardiovascular Diseases
   - Diabetes
   - Cancer
   - Tuberculosis

3. Maternal & Childcare:
   - Antenatal
   - Immunization
   - Anemia
   - Nutrition

Preventive Health Education is done through workshops and door to door interactions conducted by the community health workers.


The Community Health Workers educate the community about best practices in Personal and Environmental Hygiene, with the help of flip charts, posters and videos. Additional measures to prevent Vector borne diseases are also stressed upon.


Biocon Foundation has built 924 toilets in Huskur & Anekal. We are now trying to find ways to optimize this program by helping people use government resources that are available.


Screening and counselling for people with chronic illnesses like Cardiovascular Diseases / Diabetes / Cancer / Tuberculosis through health screening camps and mobile phone based screening tools.

Mobile diabetic foot care camps are conducted at our ARY clinics to detect and treat people with diabetes in association with Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences, Bangalore. 

The Oral cancer screening program was done using the PoiMapper in collaboration with KLE Dental College, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre and Axxonet.

We also conduct Maternal and Child Health Consultations at our clinics. In addition to this our Health Workers educate women about the importance of antenatal checkups, institutional deliveries, best child rearing practices and wholesome nutrition. They encourage and help the maintenance of antenatal, delivery and immunization records.


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