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Research Institute & Hospitals

There has been tremendous progress in the treatment strategies for various diseases, which were once considered inoperable. Unfortunately, most Indians cannot afford the cost of high technology healthcare. For example, India requires a 2.5 million heart surgeries a year, but has the capacity to do only about 80,000-90,000. India also has a very high incidence of head and neck cancer, which can be cured if diagnosed early and proper treatment is given. 

To address this problem, Narayana Hrudayalaya and Biocon Foundation have joined hands to offer high technology healthcare that is also affordable. The aim is to set up large ‘health cities’ in every state capital and large hospitals in every district headquarter and town strategically locating them between government and corporate hospitals. The mission is to create at least 20,000 beds within the next 3-5 years in various parts of the country.

‘Bangalore Health City’, consists of a heart hospital, an eye hospital, an orthopedic hospital. Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, a 1400 bed Cancer Hospital was set up in the Health City premises to ensure affordable cancer care to patients. Similar health cities will be launched in Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and other major metros. All hospitals will have comprehensive infrastructure for training of medical super specialists with emphasis on research into newer modalities of treatment for various illnesses.


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