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Health - Overview
  Preventive Health
    Tobacco Cessation Centres
    Oral Cancer Screening
    Cervical Cancer Screening
    Diabetes & Hypertension   Community Outreach
    Anemia Prevention   Research
    Testing of Anemia
    Management of Malnutrition
  Primary Healthcare
    Arogya Raksha Clinic
    Clinic Management System
    General Health Camps
    ARY Hub & Spoke Model
  Secondary & Tertiary Healthcare
    ARY Health Micro Insurance   Plan
    Research Institute and   Hospital



Our integrated health care initiative works along three levels:

Level 1 – Preventive Health

Level 2 – Primary Health Care through Arogya Raksha Yojana
                (ARY) Clinics

Level 3 – Tertiary & Secondary Care (Hospitalization) and the
                Arogya Raksha Yojana (ARY)
Micro Health Insurance

Each year, we touch more than 200,000 lives through our holistic approach to healthcare.

We believe that we can enhance the impact of our services by expanding our network of clinics, improving our preventive health, disease prevention activities and the quality of care at our clinics and in the ARY network hospitals. 

We hope to scale up into a nationwide, effective and sustainable healthcare operation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

A constant process of monitoring the work we do have been initiated which is based on:

The CLINIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that networks all clinics and outreach centers allowing us to centrally access, collate and compare data.

Changes in COMMUNITY HEALTH INDICATORS, these indicators are estimated for the specific communities that we work with.


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