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Flood Relief

Community Rehabilitation and Development Project

The devastating rainfall and floods that swept away the lives and dreams of hundreds of rural families in North Karnataka between 29th September and 3rd Oct 09 heralded the begin of an unprecedented disaster in the area.  

In 2009, the release of waters from the Almatti and the Narayanpura Dams after the heavy down pour, resulted in the rivers overflowing and destroying everything in their path. In some areas, the flood waters were well over 15ft above ground level.

Flood in Bagalkote District
Flood in Cholachagudda Village at Badami Taluk, Bagalkote District

Over 2,00,000 houses were destroyed across 15 districts in Karnataka in South India with over 75,000 houses belonging to Bagalkote District alone.

Biocon Foundation’s presence in the region through its Arogya Raksha Clinic in Kaladgi helped us begin immediate relief work through medical camps at the clinic as well as at the temporary shelters set up by the government in Mangalguda, Shirbadgi and other villages nearby. General checkups were done and the needy were given medicines and treatment by the Arogya Raksha Team. Our doctors provided medical care to over 5000 villagers.

During this time, Biocon Foundation became a part of the Aasare Project, proposed by the Government of Karnataka, which, aims to build homes for families whose homes have been washed away, through a path breaking Public Private Partnership.Using a rural participatory approach for the proposed housing project, the foundation held village meetings in order to enable exchange of ideas and build rapport with the local communities. These were lively meetings; the communities had many ideas which we have tried to incorporate.   

Scale models of 2 designs were shown to them, one with the toilet attached to the home and the other with a toilet some distance away. Contrary to popular belief, every woman and many men in the villages emphatically said that they prefer to have a toilet attached to the house as it will be safer and easier for the aged, children and women to use.
We are trying to build durable houses in the least time consuming manner so that the affected communities can be shifted from the temporary tin sheds to their own homes
We will be their partners in change and we hope you will be too!!
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